Dry Skin Brushing

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This simple daily ritual of dry skin brushing can offer more rewards than you might imagine.

Skin is one of the most important elimination organs of the body and like the function of our kidneys and liver releases over a pound of waste products every day. It receives a third of the blood circulated in the body but is last to receive nutrients and the first to shows signs of imbalance and deficiency.

The benefits of dry skin brushing

Body brushing can aid the lymphatic system, improve poor blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. The daily ritual of dry skin brushing; is a simple and effective way to regularly exfoliate (not your face) to remove dead skin cells, gently eliminating toxins and invigorating the body.

In Ayurveda, dry skin brushing is typically recommended for a Kapha body type which has a slow sluggish metabolism. When any dryness is feel in the body this is a sign of Vata moving out of balance and tells us that we need to nourish our bodies. It therefore recommends to avoid dry skin brushing and put the opposite in place. An Ayurvedic therapy of warm oil self-massage, called Abhyanga, will help to replace lost moisture and nourish the skin to help restore balance.

How to dry skin brush

You’ll find skin brushing an inexpensive self-care routine; use a good quality natural fibre brush, one that is firm but not overly stiff, with a detachable handle is useful for reaching all parts of the body. Your brush should always be kept dry.

  • Ideally in the morning before you take a shower.

  • Start by brushing from the soles of your feet and ankles moving upwards and always brush in the direction towards your heart.

  • Go gently over sensitive areas of the stomach and breasts. Make long smooth sweeps up the legs, arms and buttocks.

  • Then brush the upper body and back in downward sweeps and lastly across the top of the shoulders.

  • Avoiding any inflamed areas or broken skin and brush very gently over varicous veins, so as not to caused irritation or make them worse.

Why it's important to keep your circulatory system healthy

The circulatory system plays an important role as it supplies oxygen and nutrients to all body cells. Some common problems like tinnitus, raynaud's syndrome and memory loss are caused by poor arterial circulation and varicose veins caused by poor venous circulation. Read more about what else can help to improve circulation A.Vogel


Reference: A.Vogel MindBodyGreen

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