I recently attended one of Karan's Meditation classes at the Isbourne and also the Yoga & Nutrition for Digestive Health workshop in Charlton Kings. I enjoyed both so much - the Meditation session was just what I needed - some gentle stretches, breathing techniques and a wonderful guided relaxation, which Karan has the perfect voice for. The workshop was a total treat - a combination of yoga, an introduction to Ayurveda, a workshop on Pre and probiotics, followed by a delicious and nutritious lunch (with the Wholefood Chef) and then a wonderful guided relaxation, during which I was transported to another world! Thank you so much Karan and I'll see you at another class soon.

~ Karina ~

'I knew very little about Ayurveda so that was interesting; likewise the information about the gut - I did not really know much about this apart from the merits of cultivating the friendly bacteria. I particularly like the way the material was presented as accessible: Karan and Karen work very well together and their styles complement each other. You will definitely feel better for participating in this workshop and will come away with plenty of idea of how to help yourself to better health and well being.'

~ Laura ~

'I came to yoga therapy after suffering with ME/CFS for some seven years, and the realisation that I had to look beyond conventional medicine to find approaches that would enable me to rediscover a way of navigating every day with some sense of calm and quiet enjoyment. I found Karan through the internet and we embarked on a six week exploration of the ways in which the yogic approach could help me regain balance and control.  I now have a tailor made toolkit of hand and body movements, breathing practices, meditations and relaxation exercises which I can bring into play each day according to how I am feeling and how my condition is at the time.  The sessions are one to one and interactive.  Karan is a good listener, an easy companion in this exploration, and very thoughtful, caring and responsive to the needs and wishes of her clients.  She is generous with her time and with her advice. Of all the techniques and approaches I have tried, yoga therapy has proved the most effective and life enhancing.  I would not hesitate to suggest it to anyone with a similar long term condition.'

~ Wendy A, Cheltenham

'I have great pleasure in writing about my experience of yoga therapy. I had been attending a Dru yoga class run by Karan Walsh when she invited me to try yoga therapy. I have been suffering from CFS and twice weekly migraines for the past four years. Karan taught me a number of strategies to help overcome them. I learnt a visualisation technique designed to get rid of the migraine. This is very powerful psychologically because it puts me in control and is working well. I have also found the breathing sequences improve my general levels of energy which are compromised with CFS sufferers. The whole individual plan fits into my daily life and sits alongside my meditation practice and healthy eating regime. In conclusion, it has transformed my health and when there are dips in my energy levels ( usually down to overdoing things) I know how to support myself to improve them.'

~ Jane, Winchcombe

'It's relaxing and has helped bring back flexibility to my body especially my frozen shoulder. It makes me more aware of my body and helps in the not doing full postures which have strained my back in the past.' 

~ Dominique Leonard 

'I started yoga with Karan as a complete novice. I found the classes welcoming, with a lovely calm atmosphere. The movements and postures were explained and demonstrated carefully and clearly, which made them easy to follow even for a newby! As the weeks went by, I found my suppleness increasing and my general posture improving, and not just in class. The calmness and relaxation of the classes spills over into everyday life as well. Thanks Karan - my only regret is that I didn't discover your classes sooner! ' 

~Kay Porter

'I have been attending Karan's yoga classes and find her style of yoga and teaching excellent. Having done several different styles of yoga over a few years, with many different teachers, I find Karan's ability to make yoga enjoyable with what seems to be very little effort involved. (Although this is not the case!) I can highly recommend Karan as a teacher and although I still do yoga with other yogi's throughout the week - Karan is one of the best in Cheltenham.' 

~ Lynn Hodgson

'I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would definitely come again and highly recommend to others seeking movement and relaxation.  I was a little nervous about attending but found Karan so welcoming as were other members of the class. I found the session easy to follow and I enjoyed the gentle poses and movements. I found the class exceptionally relaxing and could quite easily have fallen asleep!'

~ Victoria

'It was lovely to get comfortable in the restorative pose and just let go and let the pose work its magic! Now all I need is to incorporate these poses into my own practice.'

~ Tula

'I think the sessions were well balanced and found the bolster work most valuable – allowing my body to ‘let-go’ – a very valuable lesson. Passive poses but so powerful.'

~ Michelle

'Immediately on entering the room I was over whelmed with the feeling of calm and couldn’t help think how lucky I was to be here. The room was beautifully set with candles and Karan guided us beautifully throughout the session. By the end of the workshop I felt rejuvenated and a lot less stressed. Highly recommended.'

~ Julie

'The workshops gave me an insight into how it can feel when totally relaxed and ‘in the moment’. Breath awareness and especially alternate nostril breathing has been very helpful before meditation. We all have to take responsibility for our health and well-being and the self-care tips help to keep one focused.'

~ JP

'A really enjoyable day, beneficial in so many ways. The balance of activities was just right in my opinion and the whole experience was entirely life-enhancing - what better way to spend a Saturday? Delicious food, beautifully presented. I felt very well nourished after and energised for the afternoon - perfect! Great value for such a wonderful day.'

~ Laura Beech

'Karan ran an outdoors yoga session in the sunshine for a couple of hours. It was relaxed, friendly and stimulating. The location was beautiful and enhanced the sense of calm and peace enormously. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I found Karan's style very encouraging and rewarding. Thank you, Karan!'

~ Duncan

'I really enjoyed your yoga walk in nature. It's such a great way to leave the everyday hustle and bustle behind for a few hours, and enjoy walking and participating in the flowing yoga amongst the trees. I felt so refreshed and relaxed afterwards. Look forward to the next!'

~ Sara