Are you getting enough shut-eye?

Updated: Nov 18

Why is sleep so important, what happens during sleep and how do we get a restorative night's sleep?

An occasional night of poor sleep may seem a nuisance but when ongoing lack of sleep impacts on our quality of life. Sleep deprivation challenges us by affecting our concentration, memory and motivation, leaving us feeling irritable, moody or even depressed. Increasing our appetite and craving for sugary foods.

What may cause us to have difficulty getting off to sleep or awakening during the early hours can be a variety of reasons. From diet, stress, anxiety, worry, blue light from phones; even the comfort of our bed mattress plays an important part.

What is happening in our bodies during sleep? The sleep cycle moves between rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement. REM is when your eyes move quickly in different directions and intense dreaming takes place, as the brain is more active. It usually takes 90 minutes after you have fallen asleep to arrive at this deeper state of sleep.